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Application: CryptBB
Author: VanDerSaAr
Site: cryptbb.us.to
License: MIT
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This PHP+JS application, an encrypted forum with open source code, provides a more securer private communication between people. All messages are transmited over internet and stored in the database in the encrypted format. All mathematical cryptographic operations are executed by client (internet browser), not by server. To encrypt the messages, this forum uses AES (Rijndael) 256 CTR (Counter mode), the symmetric military-class encryption (USA) 2012, and to exchange the password between users - RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) 768-2048, one of the best asymmetric ciphers at present time (2012). With this application You can create Your own forums and discuss with Your friends any topics securely. Anybody (even administrator) cannot read Your closed messages. Join the encrypted community!


The site has a simple structure:
- Forums → Forum → Topic → Post
- Forums → Users
- User profile → Private messages → Exchange password

The forums contain the topics, the topics consist of posts. All topics have own passwords, all posts are encrypted. Depending on options, the forum also can have own password to encrypt the names of its topics. The author of the post can delete his post, the topic starter can delete any post in his topic and the topic itself, the forum creator can delete any post or topic in his forum and the forum itself. Administrator can delete any post, topic or forum.

The function of restriction the rights for the users and the guests to view, read and write in forums and topics is supported. The module "Users" displays the numbers of all registered members to set the rights for a definite users in the corresponding section.

The module "User profile" allows to change own password to login the application, and also to move to the module "Private messages", where the members can exchange their password of the topic or the forum between themselves.

It is allowed a short links to the topics, for example, http://cryptbb.us.to/forum/?t=2
In this case the application realizes the automatic moving from the main page of the forum to the topic with number 2. While the user registers and logins, the redirect is kept.

Besides, to increase a safety, the offline tools to generate a random password, to create a keys and to encrypt and veilize a message are created. The attaching the encrypted file to the post is realized. BB-codes and the smileys are supported.


2012-05-31: Version 1. The forum in english (eng) language was hosted. AES-256 CTR encryption of the messages was added.
2012-07-10: RSA 768-2048 exchanging the password between the users was added. The offline utilities ASYM, SYMM were created. CONSOLE captcha was added.
2013-01-22: MT 19937 random generator based on the offline utility RAND was added. The supporting of russian (rus) language was added. CONSOLE captcha was upgraded.
2013-03-10: CAPSUL capsulation of the small messages was added. The source code (PHP, HTML and JS) of the application was publicated under MIT license.
2013-06-14: Version 2. VEIL veilization of the messages for english (eng) and russian (rus) languages was added.
2014-02-01: Version 3. The supporting of PHPSECLIB + JS was added. RAND, CAPSUL were upgraded. The design of the elements was changed.
2015-01-25: Version 4. ASYM, SYMM utilities were upgraded. SCRAMBLE scrambling of the messages after CAPSUL was added.
2015-05-09: Version 5. BB-codes are supported. User "crapspacle" asked about the image posting, therefore the attaching the encrypted file to the message was realized.
2015-06-02: The smileys are supported. User "Sophia Kiss" wrote and shared the open source WIN32-application to locally convert Base64-text to a binary data and save it to a file.
2016-12-31: Version 6. CAPSUL was simplified up to NOISE, SCRAMBLE was simplified up to SWAP. The offline utility SIGN to digitally sign and verify the publicated file was created.


cryptbb- (157KB)

See also the offline utilities.

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